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Phlebotomy Training

This workshop is suitable for: Nurse Associates, GP Associates & HCSW

  • £95 / £140
  • Priory Road Medical Centre|Kingsway Health Centre

Service Description

Learning Outcomes - Participants will have: • An understanding of the basic anatomy and physiology relevant to phlebotomy • An understanding of problems that are possible to encounter with phlebotomy • A foundation of knowledge on which to base practical solutions to problems likely to be encountered • An understanding of safe practice • An understanding of pre-analytical errors and the correct procedure necessary to achieve appropriate diagnostic results • A safe and secure approach to good practice when obtaining venous blood sample, and the application of health and safety measures relevant to the procedure • An understanding of the need for the application of standard precautions for infection prevention and control • All techniques taught comply with the recommendations from the National Association of Phlebotomists, and International Standards (Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) & (EFLM) European Federation of Laboratory Medicine). AM • Overview of phlebotomy in the UK – importance of a standard procedure • Importance of correct patient identification • Incidence of ‘Wrong Blood In Tube’ • Pre-analytical errors – causes / effect and ways of avoidance • Standard Precautions - Health & Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013 - needle stick injury - Hep B vaccination • Technique - Applying disposable tourniquets - Practice palpating veins - Skin prep / gloves / Best Practice • A & P of arm - Choosing suitable veins - Nerves, tendons, arteries • Blood Specimens - fasting / non-fasting / time - Order of draw • Questions & Answers PM • Practical session using vacuum tubes and needles • Applying tourniquet & Order of Draw • Practical - Winged Collection Sets & operation of safety guards • Problem solving – finding those ‘difficult veins’ All Candidates will receive a copy of ‘Phlebotomy’ by Roger Hoke and a copy of the NAP Manual & Practice Portfolio (which includes the assessment section).

Upcoming Sessions

Contact Details

  • Priory Road Medical Centre, Priory Road, Swindon, UK

  • Kingsway Health Centre, Rudloe Drive, Quedgeley, Gloucester GL2 2FY, UK

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